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“Give Me 4 Minutes And I’ll Double Your Dental Business. Give Me 20 Minutes And I’ll Double It Again.”

Jay’s making you the boldest offer in the history of the Dental Consulting.

One that can make you extremely wealthy.

Take 4 Minutes And Read This Entire Page To Add (At Least) $100,000 to Your Bottom Line

In Fact, You Won’t Even Pay Him A Penny Until You’re Fully Convinced.

If you have a dental practice, there are two things you need to do.  You need to attract patients to your office and once they are there, you need to get them to buy your services. 

It’s not getting them just to call, next you have to get them to book an appointment. And finally – and most important – they have to show up, accept the treatment you know they need and then pay you for the work you do.

Sadly, most dental offices aren’t making a fraction of what their potential is. Even worse, many are hemorrhaging money without the dentist knowing where the leaks are.

Jay Geier practically invented the concept of getting more qualified patients into the doors of dental offices all around the world.

His specialty is locating the leaks in your dental practice and plugging them immediately.

His clients are normally the savviest, highest producing, and most knowledgeable dentists in the world.

These clients are delighted to pay for advice as their income skyrockets. 

His name is Jay Geier. And now he’s bringing his knowledge and skills to your practice without it costing you a dime.


He’s been teaching folks like you for 25 years.  He’s helped over 15,000 dentists skyrocket their business.

And does he help them produce income? You bet – to the tune of millions of dollars.

Just by following Jay’s simple strategies, you will plug the leaks found in most dental offices.  Jay will reveal the very best, most profitable way for you to get more qualified patients scheduled.

And that translates into hordes of new patients coming to your office who return again and again and refer their friends.

Jay is so confident of your success with his methods that he doesn’t even want your payment. Therefore, you’ll...

Pay Only After You Profit

This is a bold and daring approach that Jay is alone in offering. He is taking all the risks. He’s investing 100% of his energy, knowledge, and faith in your honesty, integrity and commitment to action. 

Most marketing companies don’t think you’ll pay after you reap the rewards but since Jay is the real McCoy he knows his strategies will work for you.

Just listen to what some of these dentists say…


"Jay directs superhuman energy into revealing the blind spots that are barriers to wealth, health, and happiness." Dr. Jack VonBulow


"If you don't work with Jay Geier, I would strongly urge you to contact him. He would be a valuable resource to help you grow your practice and help you with structuring for the future!! You won't be sorry that you explored a relationship with Jay and his team! I know my investment with him has been well worth it!" Dr. Leatha Wood


"What a transformation! Since our relationship with Jay our new patient numbers have gone from 25 to 100. We expanded from 5 to 10 chairs, added employees and our team is fired up. Jay has provided the vision, resources and motivation to reach these levels. Jay, you truly are one of a kind." Dr. Mark Braydich

Jay Guarantees To Improve The Bottom Line of Your Dental Practice --- Or You Don’t Pay!

One of the most difficult things for dentists to hear is how their own practice stacks up against top-producing offices.

Some dentists get upset when they see how much money they are losing, but others realize something important.

Jay knows not only how to deconstruct your practice to look for its flaws, he can show you how to put it back it back together - better, stronger and more profitable than before.

Jay is so sure of his ability to immediately produce results for your practice, that he is taking ALL the risk – so you don’t have to. 

And you can surf, scour, and scan the Internet or the dental practice magazines all you want, and you will not find a simpler, more straightforward and yet totally comprehensive guarantee. Either the money-making secrets Jay teaches you must pay off in spades --- or you don’t pay. 

Now Jay Takes the Gutsiest Guarantee in the Dental World and Doubles Down On It!

Jay will show you how to find $100,000 in new revenue for your practice without you spending any more money on marketing. 

Here’s a key concept you need to understand. Most Dental Practice consultants have a handful of tricks or tactics. They may work briefly (or not at all). 

In the entire dental world you won’t find anyone’s client growth strategies copied as much as Jay’s teachings at the Scheduling Institute.

And you won’t find any other practice growth expert as widely recognized for excellence as Jay.

Jay Geier’s Scheduling Institute has been recognized by both Dentaltown and Orthotown as the #1 Consultant and Advisor in their Townie Choice Awards 9 and 5 years in a row, respectively.

The Scheduling Institute was awarded “Best Product” by Dental Product Shopper.


WARNING! This disarmingly simple strategy Jay is going to share with you is misunderstood and totally misapplied in most dental offices. 

It is not meant for a one-time burst of sales activity, but a continual stream of income flooding your practice with both clients and cash at the same time. 

The Path to Excellence

The path to a 7 (or 8) figure Dental Practice has been demonstrated by Jay time and again.

His clients experience both explosive and sustained growth as he tweaks every aspect of your practice.

And because it’s a proven path, it doesn’t overwhelm your staff. You see, in these days of the “Patient Centric” office, all of your employees come together in harmony to outperform anything they have done in the past.

Once again, Jay outthinks and outclasses other the dental marketing gurus as his strategies could easily and effectively add massive profits to your bottom line.

Why Listen to Jay When You Can Listen To Other (Often Cheaper) Imitators Instead?

Remember as a kid when you used to play "telephone"?

It's where you and your friends stand in a circle, and someone whispers a secret message in the ear of the friend next to them, then to the next, and so on... Until it reaches the end.

The last person yells out the message, which often turns out to be totally different than the original one!

Unfortunately, The Average Dental Marketing Consultant Does The Same Thing.

The message gets passed down, gets muddied and thus loses its original flavor... Just like that game of telephone.

Similarly, over time people have diluted, watered down, even misunderstood Jay's original message. PLUS, Dental marketers inspired by Jay also added their own spin to the mix each time which diffuses and diminishes the resulting effect.

So eventually, the message lost its original impact, its intended intensity and its proper application, and most of all, its sheer simplicity. That's why nothing beats getting it straight from the expert’s mouth.

How would you like to have a single strategy pay off and add at least $100,000 in new revenue to your bottom line next year?

Are You Ready To Learn Jay’s $100,000 Secret?

Jay’s regular fee is $25,000 dollars a day and he only takes calls and appointments with clients.

Someone from Jay’s team will call you for a private consultation – entirely at Jay’s expense – and in a few short moments they will laser-in and highlight for you monster profit opportunities that you never imagined, let alone examined.  They will show you possibilities you never dreamed of. But they are real and very achievable, you’ll see it clearly for yourself.

From the application of Jay’s strategic concepts to your business, a massive surge of cash quickly appears in your practice’s bottom line. We’re talking increases in the 50%, 100%, 200%, even 500%. We’re talking wildly profitably.

Here’s Exactly What You’re Going To Learn in 30 Fast-Paced Minutes on Your $100,000 Discovery Call

  • How your practices stacks up against the top 5 Star practices in the country. You’ll be given a detailed analysis of exactly what’s missing and how to fix it.
  • Brace yourself to discover what’s not working in your office. Discovering just this one item will add tens of thousands of dollars to your practice – guaranteed!
  • Find out what keeps your office from being a top performer. Jay’s coach will pinpoint the differences for you.
  • Discover the secrets keeping your practice from generating more steady, reliable income.
  • Here’s $100,000. You’ll be shocked when you discover the lost revenue that’s holding your practice back. And when you discover the simple fix, your practice is ready for exponential growth.
  • Here’s a step-by-step blueprint how you can continue to grow your practice without spending a dime on marketing.

A word of warning: this call is one of the most fascinating experiences you will ever have about growing your dental practice.

Make sure to have a pen and paper to take notes during your consultation.

Although we’ve budgeted 30 minutes for the call, you might want to consider doing it when you have more time. Seriously, your brain might just go on overload when you realize the opportunities in your practice.

You’ll make money and Jay won’t charge you a single dime until you see how much more money you COULD be making in your business.

Schedule your 30-minute $100,000 Discovery Call and learn the Secret to adding an extra $100,000 to your bottom line next year.

Use the scheduling app below or call now to schedule: (855)315-9561

P.S. There are a limited number of spots for this between now and the end of the year, so jump on it quickly if you’re interested.