How To Increase Patient Volume Using Testimonials

Jul 21, 2021Marketing Tips, Practice Growth

How to Use Patient Feedback to Increase Patient Volume

increase patient volume today!

Increase patient volume by welcoming their feedback


Your regular patients have trusted you with their smiles and surgeries for many years. Gaining the ability to increase patient volume will grow as you work up the courage to ask for written or verbal reviews. Front-desk receptionist, assistants, and team leaders will not reach their full potential for patient satisfaction unless feedback can be optimized to highlight the improvements that can be made to reach top service standards. Become confident, trust yourself and your team, that the importance of patients’ opinions in your practice is vital to catering top-service to their community. For instance, create a thank you board in your reception area for appreciative patients. From emergency surgeries to brightening up smiles, displaying the voices of patients will leave an impression that their referrals are valued.

The truth is, your potential patients don’t want to hear about how great your practice is from YOU… They want to hear it from someone else! They want to hear it from someone in their shoes—a patient.”             – Jay Geier

Increase Patient Volume: Low-Cost Marketing through Social Media

Whether you love it or hate it, social media’s reach optimizes your chance to increase patient volume. Our team has developed a well-coordinated schedule at Scheduling Institute to send out uplifting and informational posts. Start small, create a professional promotion for your practice. Let the algorithm and your community spread the name of your practice organically.  Facebook and LinkedIn are friends. If that’s too big of a step for you, our previous blog 5 Ways to Unlock the Mystery of Patient Referrals offers hands-on advice for gathering testimonials.

Increase Patient Volume: Using Your Website for Practice Growth

Now that you have collected some testimonials, where can you use them? Correct answer… EVERYWHERE.”

-Jay Geier

If technology is an avenue you want to pursue, take a step further and add a review page to your site. Increasing patient volume won’t be accessible unless you can pinpoint where your issues lie, therefore, providing an outlet will make your service assessment easier to obtain. Do you have a tedious schedule? Team up with your team to divide and conquer the collection process. Have them relay the good and bad experiences of patients regularly.

Increase Patient Volume: Throw a Contest

Office contests and functions can be great at increasing patient volume

After several months of reviewing old materials and improving and modifying the pieces, our marketing team just revamped a HUGE automated sequence. This accomplishment was a culmination of getting clarity on our marketing investment and improving efficiencies. At Scheduling Institute we ALWAYS celebrate wins – even if we need to wear face masks!

Who would turn down a gift? Make work fun when you can for your team. Although your people would love a brand-new car, start small. Gift cards and small prizes are a great lure for positive referrals from your patients. Not to mention, it could increase patient volume if the word spreads that your practice enjoys throwing monthly or quarterly contests for the community.  Just prioritize informing all patients that they must provide a referral/testimonial before becoming eligible.

Conclusion: Use Positive Testimonials To Increase Patient Volume

Have you ever avoided trying out a restaurant simply because your peers cautioned you of the food quality? Did you disregard their warning and take the risk? Or did you decide to take them up on the offer of trying a different restaurant right down the street? Regardless of your decision, referrals have already influenced your course of action. The same can be said with your private practice. Negative testimonials can become a danger to your practice without a shield of positive referrals surrounding your practice.

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