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Doctor, Am I the One Stealing Your Patients?

Some of the best dentists in the industry continually find themselves facing a strange conundrum. Despite putting in extra hours, training staff to be the best they can possibly be, and paying for a professional marketing campaign, they just can't seem to attract (enough) new patients - and hang onto them. Who or what is stealing your patients?

A mystery like this requires carefully looking over the evidence. And just like all great detectives, it is often finding the smallest clues that will reveal the true marketing


You've done your homework and hired professional marketers to launch your name far and wide. Whether it's via direct mail or a slew of innovative digital channels, everyone and their brother has now heard about your practice and all of the wonderful services you offer.

But despite the impressive numbers that dental marketing planyour marketing team shows you, real live patients just aren't showing up in your office as expected and promised. Why not? Where are they? Are they going to your competition? Why hasn't your marketing plan worked?


No one knows better than you that good customer service is the key to patient retention. You treat every patient just like family, and your staff is friendly, competent, and professional at all times. Your patients leave with smiles on their faces and enthusiastically promise to refer all of their friends and family.

Yet despite all this, the horde of new referrals fails to materialize. Why aren't they coming?


You spend more time dealing with your Yelp and Google reviews than you do with the family dog. You've even shelled out money to get your Yelp listing at the top of every search referral. You've also paid to boost your Google rankings by publishing informative blog after blog.

But where are the new patients and why aren't they coming?


It's possible that some of your staff have been in the dental profession longer than you have. A cheerful and highly professional bunch, they have the management of your office down to an exact science so that not a second is wasted. Scheduling patients perfectly to minimize overlap and professionally handling any and all issues, your staff is one of your greatest assets.

Dental Marketing Plan

But despite giving top-quality customer service to your patients, it just seems like you cannot hang onto them no matter how hard you try. Why not?


Nothing can test a good dentist's patience more than doing everything "right" and still not being able to attract new patients or hang onto the ones that they've already got.

Why aren't new patients hearing about you and choosing your practice? And who or what is stealing away your existing patients?

The insidious truth is that there is a business killer lurking in the shadows of most dental practices. This sneaky bandit is constantly working to disrupt your income stream and make balancing the books as difficult as possible by stealing your patients. If you could just identify and locate the killer, you could get back to the business of being a dentist. But until you know where this slayer of profits is hiding, it will continue to bleed your practice dry.

Scheduling Institute

What if I were to tell you that the average dentist in America loses at least three patients per day? If you don't think that is happening to you, you're amongst the 97% of respondents surveyed that were shown irrefutable evidence of that exact statistic. The numbers don't lie - the vast majority of dental practices are constantly losing new patients and it's entirely unnecessary.

And no, the solution is not investing in more expensive equipment, doubling your marketing budget, or hiring on a lot of new staff. Instead, it's a case of working "smarter" and not harder. Because once you know the secret of how to attract and retain patients, your office will soon be inundated with new clients.

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