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JUN. 18-20TH, 2020 | ATLANTA, GA

Learn how to Double the Value of your Practice so that you can SELL for MAXIMUM value or KEEP for a lifetime of REVENUE.


The Scheduling Institute created its groundbreaking new patient program over 15 years ago but today the Institute is MUCH MORE THAN A NEW PATIENT COMPANY. After new clients master their new patient training as a foundation for growth, the Scheduling Institute PROVIDES TRAINING AND COACHING FOR THE ENTIRE PRACTICE in all areas that contribute to growth and profitability.

The Scheduling Institute’s training programs address at the right time the 5 major areas that are critical to SUPPORTING SUSTAINABLE GROWTH: Human Capital, Space & Equipment, Clinical Duplication, Marketing, and Finances. Given the depth and breadth of the Scheduling Institute’s onsite training programs and major events, it’s no surprise that the Institute has elevated more Private Practices to the top 1% of all Practices. As a result, the Scheduling Institute is recognized as THE LARGEST AND MOST RESPECTED DENTAL TRAINING COMPANY IN THE WORLD AND WE HAVE THE BEST, MOST RAVED ABOUT SPECIALIZED EVENTS IN THE INDUSTRY.

Over the years we have hosted over 15,000 attendees to our events since 2007 with Practices from all 50 states and 7 different countries. Our event topics and information are specialized for Private Practice owners and have covered Marketing, finances, conversion and compliance, New Patients and more! THIS YEAR’S EVENT IS BRAND NEW and it is all about your #1 ASSET: The VALUE OF YOUR PRACTICE.

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Scheduling institute, CEO


Jay Geier is Founder and CEO of the Scheduling Institute. He is an entrepreneur, educational speaker, business coach, and philanthropist. He is best known as the president and founder of the Scheduling Institute, the largest company in the world offering dental office training and practice growth consulting to help dentists increase new-patient numbers, revenue collections, and overall business success. It is his mission to protect the Private Practice Owner and make sure they get what the deserve for their life’s work when it comes time to sell or exit or have all the tools to keep their Practice for lifetime of revenue.

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About the Event

About the Event

Double the Value of your Practice…for YOURSELF for more income, or if you are getting ready to sell…either way, it’s a WIN, WIN.

Not sure if you should sell or keep? Make an educated decision in just 3 days.

Over the past 10 years, there has been a MAJOR shift with ownership of Private Practices. After studying this phenomenon, we’ve seen Doctors that have spent their entire life building Practices, get tired, unmotivated, and sell for WAY LESS than they deserve.

Don’t be this person. Be a SMART decision maker and business owner, ESPECIALLY when it comes to your life’s work. Whether selling your practice is in your future or you want to work less but keep your practice for a lifetime of revenue, make these decisions FULLY EDUCATED – with MATHEMATICAL FORMULAS. Plus, if doubling the value of your Practice could only take 2 years…. wouldn’t you want to know how to do that – regardless of if you are selling or not?!?! NO BRAINER.

This event will give you access to information and materials that will allow you to make MILLION DOLLAR decisions, CONFIDENTLY. If you don’t seek out these answers and become educated – the new trends will take hold and OWN YOU.

If you could take your Practice VALUE from (for example) $600,000 to $1.2 Million in a couple of years, would you be jumping at the opportunity? How much would you pay to learn how you could do that? Hopefully (a smart investor) WAY more than I am charging for this seminar!

“It’s my job to protect Private Practice owners from becoming a victim and selling for much less than they deserve!” – Jay Geier

What You Will Gain

What You Will Gain

  • Provide long-term vision rather than quick fix to looming debt
  • Understand the CORPORATE DENTISTRY promise vs. the CORPORATE DENTISTRY reality
  • Determine the right time to exit and not a premature time to exit
  • Find out the exact dollar amount you would need to retire comfortably
  • Do the MATH - find out the maximum amount of revenue you can do without adding space and equipment
  • Find unrealized revenue in 5 major areas
  • Don’t be the target of the alarming trend happening in dentistry
  • Should you sell your Practice in the next 2 years? 5 years? 10 Years? Or ever? Make an EDUCATED decision that’s best for you in these 3 days
  • What to do when you are approached to sell your practice – be prepared and feel good about how you will handle the situation
  • How to DOUBLE the value of your Practice in 2 years or less so that you can sell for MAXIMUM value or keep and continue to grow (with less involvement from yourself) for a lifetime of revenue
  • Implement proven business strategies that will improve your Practice’s efficiency, making team members take more responsibility and ultimately improve your bottom line
  • How to prepare for your financial future without having to rely on someone else to “buy you out”
  • Sharpen your Visionary, CEO and Financier skills…be more than just a great Doctor
  • Learn the 5 alarming trends that will suppress your income, stunt your growth and significantly impact your ability to retire
Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend

This event is designed for Private Practice Owners that want to DOUBLE the VALUE of their business (in a short time). Seats are limited.

What Previous Attendees Have To Say


“It was truly a Million-dollar seminar. Your passion and commitment to empowering doctors and people is awesome.” - Dr. Harsini

“If you have never attended one of Jay’s big events, it’s time. The energy you feel when you first walk in is powerful. Getting into this environment re-energizes you to make the next strategic move you need to make” - Mary Ann Landry

“The event was AWESOME!! As all S.I. events are! I am revitalized and re-focused and I really want to make this year where we get our human capital in line and efficient.” – Erin Wilk, Dr. Peter Wilk, Hartford, WI

“Wow! Where can I start? Just got back from another Scheduling Institute event and I’m blown away and inspired more than ever.” - Dr. Tejumade St. Matthew-Daniel

“Please pass this thank you on to Jay. The seminar was great and had a huge effect on me. So many things have caused me to accept “ruts” in my personal and professional life. It is my own doing. So, I was very challenged by Jay’s words. Please tell him I appreciate his generosity and graciousness as a host.” – Dr. Andy Burton

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