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The most common mistake dentists make when it comes to “growing a practice” is they forget the only reason they got into practice in the first place. Patients! The second biggest mistake is forgetting that “patients are people!” Really putting patient care and patient service first is a critical first step in growing your practice. Discover how “truly delivering the highest level of patient care and service is the key” to creating a practice that provides you and your family with the financial security you need and deserve.


  • New patient attraction that’s patient centered not marketing centered.
  • Proven systems and practice formulas that care and support patients so well, they can’t help but send you referrals.
  • Patient based staff training, not procedure based.
  • Radically decrease your stress and anxiety from practice by focusing on the things you do best and what your patients want most.
Drs. David & Patti Bradley
Greensboro, GA

“We had the clinical skills but we lacked the vision & knowledge to implement sound business principles. But now we’re on track to continue double-digit growth.”

It’s incredibly hard to care for patients, support your staff, give your family & friends the care and attention they need, or even yourself… if every day in practice is a grind. There’s new hope and there’s a tried and true step-by-step solution! Discover how to turn your practice into a business (not a job) and create the practice and lifestyle you always dreamed you’d have when you were in dental school.


  • Referral systems that deliver referrals without the usual phony browbeating most dentists have grown accustomed to.
  • A simple formulaic approach to marketing that is considered by some to be “anti-marketing.”
  • Turn even the most “dyed in the wool,” troublesome, under-productive staff members into Superstars that will do most of the heavy lifting (when it comes to reaching & achieving your practice goals) for you.
Dr. Carl Metz
Mesa, AZ

“I am so grateful for the Scheduling Institute’s support and guidance, not only for the practice but for me personally.”

The only way you become one of the top 1% of practices is you work at it. And just like Tiger Woods retooling his swing multiple times even while at the pinnacle of his craft, all champions do the same thing. We are very proud to call an unparalleled number of the top 1% in dentistry our clients. There are few consultants or dental training companies in North America that can boast a significant number of “multi-millionaire” practices. We know the formula to get you there and we’ll share the first step of that formula with you…


  • The path from great practice to legacy practice is simple… customized systematic growth exclusively tailored to you, your practice, your goals and your current team.
  • The truth about practices already in the top 1% of dentistry is it’s no longer about just “adding” pieces… it’s about stripping away what’s unnecessary and adding the “rocket fuel” needed to leave the “normal dental practice universe.”
Drs. Mark & Shayne Fixari
Gahanna, OH

“We now have a vision of possibilities that are far beyond what we think about as dentists.”

A wise man once said, “when everyone else is sinking there’s only one thing to do… the opposite.” They say the gap between the haves and have nots is growing. It’s true in dentistry too. However, in dentistry you still have 100% control over your fate. If you could use a “steady hand” to show you step-by-step how to turn your practice around, in as short a time as possible, with the least amount of stress possible, this is your one way ticket to that turnaround…


  • New patient attraction – produce maximum results in minimum time.
  • Proven systems and practice formulas that produce referrals without the burden and embarrassment of nagging or annoying your patients.
  • Staff training that lets you duplicate yourself and turns even your most troubling staff into your biggest raving fans.
  • Radically decrease your stress and anxiety from practice by focusing on the things you do best and what your patients want most.
Dr. Thomas Mattern
Phoenix, AZ

“The Scheduling Institute has had a major impact on my practice, my employees and myself. I will forever be grateful.”

Everybody wants new patients and every consultant and guru wants to promise you “more new patients.” But the fact remains, in spite of all the new patient resources available, there’s apparently a serious “new patient shortage.” But the reality is quite the opposite… there’s a virtually unlimited supply of new patients who are ready and willing to come to your practice and stay, pay and refer without protest. You just need to know the right way to attract them and keep them. Discover a simple, yet highly-effective new patient attraction strategy that you’ve NEVER used (or even seen) before.


  • Attract more new patients in the next 90 days than you did all last year.
  • Attract new patients with less marketing activity and expense.
  • Attract new patients with marketing tools and strategies that not only work, they’re strategies suited to and designed just for you.
Dr. Michael Warren
Huntingburg, IN

“I think that if I hadn’t joined the Scheduling Institute I would still be working very hard and still hoping that things would be better some day.”