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Practice Transformation Package

The alarming trend in dentistry is a downward one, however there is an elite group of dentists achieving levels of success no dentist has ever achieved before both personally and professionally! And that’s what makes your “Practice Transformation Package” so powerful. It will give you an opportunity no other dentist has ever had before now… the opportunity to see how your practice stacks up against the very best practices in North America. Discover what they’re doing right that you’re not, and how to “adopt” their success as your own. This is your “ticket inside” to see what the best of the best are doing and how your practice measures up.

  • Immediate insight into what’s working and what’s not working in your practice.
  • Instant traction towards achieving the goals your practice is having the most difficulty attaining.
  • Direct exposure to answering the questions…
    • Why isn’t your practice producing more?
    • Why isn’t your practice generating more revenue & profit?
    • Why isn’t your team responding to your leadership?
    • Why aren’t patients referring as much as they should?
    • Why aren’t you getting a bigger ROI from your marketing?
  • Most importantly, you’ll receive your practice’s “Readiness Rating.” This rating is the result of putting your practice head-to-head with the most successful practices in North America… your “certainty marker” in determining how “ready” your practice is to prosper.
The Scheduling Institute Readiness Rating Scale


It’s unbelievable the increased motivation of the staff and beyond belief the increased new patients and referrals. The results are incalculable.”

Dr. Eric RiegerHollywood, FL

I work less, make more, am able to give more, and am thrilled about the future. Today I can say that I feel way less stress and have infinitely greater peace of mind. I’m excited about continuing this journey.”

Dr. Shahrooz YazdaniKemptville, ON

The Scheduling Institute has not only GREATLY improved our customer service & new patient numbers, but it’s improved my personal life as well! I have more confidence in myself.”

Dr. Dan BeninatoOmaha, NE

New patient, production, and collection numbers are all higher now than ever before. This program can detect the weak and strengthen the strong. It raises awareness to what needs to change to make dreams a reality.”

Dr. Sarah SmithRochester, NY

All of my office numbers have soared. I am now upset if we have less than 50 new patients per month (a year ago I was ecstatic to see 20). And my production was up over 50% last year. I give all the credit to Jay and his team.”

Dr. Leatha WoodGrand Haven, MI

Every team member now sees the value of new patients and growing the practice. They realize by growing the practice, they become more successful. It isn’t just about me.”

Dr. Patricia DeCinoLakewood, CO

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Tell Us About Yourself We will get to work utilizing our proprietary & customized analysis of your practice to determine how your practice measures up against the top practices in North America. This analysis will give you immediate actionable steps to take your practice to the next level!

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*By submitting the form above, you are agreeing to have the Scheduling Institute perform a free Mystery Call to your office and evaluate it using their 5 star rating scale. A copy of your call and rating will be mailed and emailed to you.


Relax & Let Us Do the Work All we need from you is the information listed above, and we’ll take care of the rest. Over the next several days, we’ll be reviewing and analyzing data and information about your practice in order to generate an accurate and actionable “Readiness Rating” for you.


Pay Attention to Your Mail In about 14 days, you’ll receive your personalized Practice Transformation Package including your “Readiness Rating” via FedEx. Since the info you’ll receive in this package is custom to your practice, it takes time to prepare. We’ll send you more information about what you’ll receive leading up to the arrival of your FedEx.


Take Action Once your personalized Practice Transformation Package arrives via FedEx, you’ll discover exactly how your practice stacks up against the very best practices. It’s at that moment you’ll be at a critical turning point. You’ll have the choice of putting the FedEx under your desk for “another day” or, you’ll have the chance to take immediate action and use what you receive to radically and positively impact your practice, your family and your life. In the end, the only difference between you and the practices we’ve compared your practice to is your ability to take action.