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Our Goal Is to Have 1,000 Clients Netting at Least $1 Million per Year — and Each Giving 10% to Others in Need

At Scheduling Institute, helping practices become more successful and maximize earnings is just the beginning. We believe real success involves finding purpose and fulfillment by serving others.

Scheduling Institute helps clients achieve a level of financial freedom where money isn’t much of a worry anymore. Then, we help them use their own success to give and spread positive impact by providing connections with trusted non-profit partners. We are one of the largest referrals to Dentistry From The Heart and World Mission Partners. Scheduling Institute sponsors doctors, their teams and our own team members on mission trips to Costa Rica and Dominican Republic through World Mission Partners. Since 2014, 85 doctors and 225 team members have treated 3,482 patients through World Mission Partners, and many doctors have made their own intentional impact on these communities. Two Scheduling Institute clients teamed up to purchase a new mobile dental clinic in The Dominican Republic – and Jay and many Scheduling Institute clients contributed to build a new, state of the art dental clinic in La Romana, Dominican Republic. These are just a few of the ongoing acts of generosity that Scheduling Institute and our clients have completed together.

Take the First Step in Discovering Your Full Potential.