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case study

Dr. Carl Metz

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Dr. Carl Metz was working as an Associate when he purchased Meridian 
Dental 6 years ago. After he took over the practice a lot of things happened, none of which seemed to go his favor. To name a few, the lead Assistant informed him that she was going with the previous owners and walked out… the previous owners changed the mailing address of the practice, stopping the flow of checks… and his car was stolen from the parking lot! To say the least, Dr. Metz was frustrated.

Dr. Metz knew there was a lot to learn regarding running a successful business, so he hired a well-known consultant. They helped to implement policies and track stats, but there was no emphasis on marketing or obtaining new patients… and the numbers showed it. Dr. Metz’s monthly new patients dropped from 40 to 19 and collection & production numbers were plummeting. Over a 13-month period, Dr. Metz saw an average decrease of 21 new patients, almost $3,000 in production & $5,500 in collections every month.

As the bank accounts shrunk, he continued to focus on providing the highest quality care possible with the belief that he could work his way out of the hole. He canceled the services of his consultant and applied to the bank for a loan extension or forbearance so that he could decrease his monthly payment and keep the practice afloat. Every request was denied.

The Scheduling Institute has literally brought my practice back from the dead.”

A neighbor of his office new that he was struggling and told Dr. Metz the Scheduling Institute had made a positive impact on his practice. But after my recent failed attempt with a consultant, there was no way. Dr. Metz was trying to save money anywhere that wouldn’t negatively impact the practice.

After the 3-year mark of the practice, Dr. Metz had told his staff to start looking for another job. He filed for bankruptcy – it was a very low point. Then, he found a vacant dental office and with help from my family, opened up a new practice. Dr. Metz believed the lack of the large business loan payment would decease the overhead enough to be profitable. But instead, things got worse. The new practice wasn’t producing and his eating habits were out of control. This is when things really began to spiral downward. Dr. Metz said “I failed to change the way the practice was operating, so I shouldn’t have been surprised that the practice wasn’t improving.”

 That’s when Dr. Metz decided to finally take the advice of his neighbor and sign up for the Scheduling Institute. In 4 months, one staff member became certified and we saw a 10% increase in new patients. Dr. Metz admitted that it wasn’t the huge jump he was hoping for, but he knew he was on the right path, and recognized there was a lot of room for improvement.

“Jay’s motto ‘you get what you deserve’ really stuck in my head. I suddenly saw I had been making excuses for why things were not working out the way I had planned with both my practice and my personal life & my mind began to open. I promised myself that I would be open to new ideas and find a way to get help from the Scheduling Institute.” 

Dr. Metz then decided to step up his engagement with the Scheduling Institute, which led to a 93% increase in new patients and 35% increase in production and collections over the next 12 months. Dr. Metz started taking control of his personal life as well as his weight and eating habits, and lost over 45 pounds. Everyone in the practice is happier and have goals and a direction. Until the Scheduling Institute, Dr. Metz & his team had severe doubts that the practice would still be open. Now, they are excited about the future their practice.

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