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Dr. Michael Warren

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Two years ago, Dr. Michael Warren realized that his hard work and extremely busy practice hadn’t created the success he wanted to achieve. He had largely operated on an “everything would work out fine someday” plan that had seemingly fallen through the cracks, and it was time to take action.

“I needed a vision and someone to help me see that there really was a light at the end of the tunnel,” said Dr. Warren. After several other consultants failed to deliver the actionable results Dr. Warren needed over the years, he knew that his solution would need to be something different.

“The consultant that we were interviewing before we joined S.I. told us our town was too small, the median income was too low, there were too many dentists, no one would want to buy a practice in our area and that we should consider moving. We have since just plugged ourselves into Jay’s system and the patients keep coming. I wonder what the consultant would think of our numbers now.”

I think that if I hadn’t joined the Scheduling Institute I would still be working very hard and still hoping that things would be better someday.”

Joining the Scheduling Institute has resulted in some big changes for Dr. Warren and his staff. Their average New Patients have more than doubled and they have shifted their culture to provide same day service to patients. He adds, “As Jay would say, New Patients are the first low hanging fruit to go get and so far for us increasing our average New Patients has honestly been the easiest part of our growth.”

His staff has also increased their level of engagement. Dr. Warren has reported that the systems, goal-setting, and incentive programs that his staff learned through the Scheduling Institute have made them more accountable and have, as a result, made a huge impact on the practice.

Dr. Warren adds that the best advice he’s ever received from Jay revolves more around the journey of growth & progress than attaining every goal and achieving perfection. “Even though I still want things done yesterday and I want them done perfectly, one of the things Jay has emphasized that has been very important for me is the realization that reaching your goals is a process that is judged by progress not perfection.”

Most recently, Dr. Warren has been ramping up his practice to prepare for the addition of an Associate Doctor. With a solid growth plan in place, he is looking forward to further establishing his business so he can “work less and make more.” He looks forward to spending more time with his wife and their grandchildren.

“I think that if I hadn’t joined the Scheduling Institute I would still be working very hard and still hoping that things would be better someday. The Scheduling Institute has helped us to have a vision and a plan to get there. For that I’ll always be grateful.”

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