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case study

Drs. David & Patti Bradley

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Drs. David & Patti Bradley had reached a point in their careers where they realized it wasn’t possible for them to do all the dentistry, as well as train the staff and run a successful business. Before they were introduced to the Scheduling Institute, they were under the mindset of a more comprehensive dentistry on fewer people, which eventually lead them down a path of little to no growth. Since becoming engaged with the Scheduling Institute, they’ve become focused on their goals and set on the path to turning their practice into a profit-producing business and have recently seen their revenues grow by 20%.

Drs. David & Patti Bradley share a practice in Greensboro, GA along with 2 beautiful children and a dog named Sadie. Dr. Patti Bradley spent her first year as a dental student at Loyola University Chicago. After the Dental School announced they were closing, Dr. Patti Bradley transferred to the University of Louisville School of Dentistry, where she met Dr. David Bradley, also in his second year. 
 They were working as Associates in Louisville when they decided to move south and start a practice together. It wasn’t until 8 years after they opened their practice, that they were officially introduced to the Scheduling Institute and Jay’s technique of answering the phones… and how much opportunity they were missing because of how their phones were being handled.

It took some time before they decided to take the dive and really get engaged with Jay and what the Scheduling Institute had to offer because they had already been working with other higher-priced consultants who were telling them conflicting information. Their practice began to plateau and their numbers started to decline and that’s when they knew, it was time to step up their engagement with S.I.

We had the clinical skills but we lacked the vision & knowledge to implement sound business principles. But now we’re on track to continue double-digit growth.”

They were finally at the realization that they were getting advice from someone that actually knew how to run a business. “Jay wasn’t going to teach us the next great dental technique or tell us to buy another $100,000 piece of equipment (we’d already done that!). He was going to show us how to use the skills we already possessed to run a business.” 

Drs. David and Patti Bradley told their staff to “erase everything they’d learned from other consultants and to do everything exactly as Jay says to do it.” Jay and the Scheduling Institute helped the Bradley’s to understand that it wasn’t possible for them to do all the dentistry as well as train the staff. They began to let S.I.’s Training Specialists come in and conduct In-Office Trainings, they started sending their staff to The “U,” and they even hired a Team Leader to help implement the programs and techniques.

Hiring a Team Leader is what the Bradley’s feel has made the biggest impact. “We wouldn’t have hired a person for this position if Jay hadn’t opened our eyes to the need. I think it’s common for the Doctor to think they can do it all. There’s really no way for a Doctor to do the dentistry, motivate and train the team and keep everyone focused on the vision. We were kidding ourselves to think we could.”
 Although the Bradley’s have accomplished quite a bit during their relationship with Jay and the Scheduling Institute, they’re not quite done! They’ve created a vision of where they want to be and they’ve set rather large goals for next 5-10 years. They’ve created a plan to grow the practice, their income levels, staff compensation, and even their giving.

Drs. David & Patti Bradley’s advice to other Dentists… “you can provide the highest level of clinical care, but you need to realize that your practice is a business and certain principles apply. And always remember that you get out of life what you put in.”

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