Case Study For Drs. Mark & Shayne Fixari

case study

Drs. Mark & Shayne Fixari

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Drs. Mark & Shayne Fixari were happy with the status of their 2 practices. But in addition to their two practice’s they also have 3 daycare centers and a home health business. They were often distracted by other projects and businesses & didn’t have a clear vision for the future of their dental practices. At the time, they were satisfied with double-digit levels of growth. However, once they were exposed to the Scheduling Institute’s concepts, they realized the impact they could have and decided they no longer wanted double digit growth, they wanted to grow 5X!

Drs. Mark & Shayne Fixari’s first experience with the Scheduling Institute was at an event in Atlanta. The Fixari’s said, “it was an interest-grabbing experience” and they decided to become members. Since then, they have seen dramatic changes in their staff. Their culture is much more positive now and they are committed to a newer, more enthusiastic team, all focused on a bigger and better practice.

The Fixari’s were happy with the processes and systems the Scheduling Institute brought to their practice, making it easier to allow the practice to be driven forward more by the team so they could focus more on the vision & the future of their practice.

Jay has helped us articulate where we always wanted to go, but previously we were somewhat vague.

With their dental practice’s and other businesses combined, they have about 250 employees in total. The Scheduling Institute’s systems and Jay’s influence has permeated each and every employee. “The fundamental concepts are universal.”

After seeing the positive changes to their team & culture, the Fixari’s decided to step up their engagement with the Scheduling Institute and set on a path to grow 5X. They saw the opportunity they have to make a difference in the lives of their staff, the families of their staff as well as the community and their children.

Dr. Mark says, “Our biggest success has been the clarity of our vision! Jay has helped us articulate where we always wanted to go, but previously we were somewhat vague.” Apart from their businesses, their personal lives have been influenced as well. “Jay’s spirit of giving is infectious. We have seven children. I’d much rather they remember our generosity than our success. We are now able to give more.”

Drs. Mark and Shayne Fixari are excited about their future. They look forward to creating a culture that is ever positive and an office that is run without their daily effort in order to create wealth for them to share. They are working less while making more and have found a balance between work and home. Combined they now work one day a week seeing patients while on their path to 5X growth.

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