for growth-minded doctors who want to learn from the most iconic results producer in the private practice industry

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Whether you’re new to the private practice industry, just graduated, or are a seasoned practitioner with decades of experience, this show will answer your questions related to starting, maintaining, and growing a practice. It will not only encourage you to think creatively, but more importantly, it will teach you how to turn those ideas into action.

Each episode of the Private Practice Playbook is packed with actionable tips that are helping thousands of doctors discover the true potential of their practice growth. This is your chance to learn from the #1 growth strategist in the industry about how to shift your mindset, do the work, and see your business grow.

Jay Geier brings you practice growth strategies, marketing ideas, recruitment techniques, industry insights, and truths about entrepreneurship that no one else in the the private practice industry will tell you.


So Valuable

This always gets me to think outside my day-to-day, routine train of thought. It’s such good information, and I’ve already seen personal and professional growth! This is a must listen!


Mental Nutrition At It’s Finest

Jay is the industry expert in growing private practices and gives such valuable information in these episodes! This is my go-to for listening to and from work every day. 


Thanks Jay!!

I have only had the chance to tune into a few episodes so far, but wow. Awesome content for any doc. Anyone who’s considering selling HAS to listen to episode 7! I’m definitely going to keep listening.


It's A Game Changer

I owe most of my success to Scheduling Institute! If you actually do what they suggest, it’s a game changer! The principles work and are crucial to implement during this ever competitive, changing industry! I highly recommend this podcast!! 


Must-Listen For Private Practice Owners

This is everything they don’t teach you in school! It is so valuable for any business owner. Highly recommended!!



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