The Scheduling Institute

Terms and Conditions
5X Membership

Effective October 15, 2013 – Sept 14, 2015

By signing my application with The Scheduling Institute, I agree to the terms of The Scheduling Institute and the 5x membership level as documented in the application and in these Terms of Service.

I acknowledge that this is a 24-month program and that the full membership fee must be paid. I also acknowledge that this fee is non-refundable and non-cancelable, regardless of program completion or my activity level and attendance at events. I acknowledge that The Scheduling Institute is agreeing to commit substantial resources and provide valuable materials to my company, the value of which is difficult to ascertain at the time of my enrollment. I therefore acknowledge that The Scheduling Institute’s collection of the entire membership fee in the event of my company discontinuing participation before the end of this 24 month period, is not a penalty, but rather a reasonable measure of damages likely to be caused by my cancellation.

I understand that any reproduction, distribution, transmission, or commercial use of Scheduling Institute materials is strictly prohibited.

Any disputes involving my company’s enrollment or participation in the program shall be governed by the substantive law of Georgia. The exclusive forum for any lawsuit relating to such a dispute shall be the state or federal courts of Georgia. My company and I submit to personal jurisdiction in Georgia in connection with any such lawsuit.