The Scheduling Institute

Terms and Conditions
Gold Plus Renewal

Effective October 15, 2013 – Sept 14, 2015

By signing my order form with The Scheduling Institute, I agree to the terms of The Scheduling Institute and the Gold Plus Renewal membership level as documented in the order form and in these Terms of Service.

I have read and understand the requirements of the Guarantee. Specifically, I understand that if I use the Gold Plus Membership Program for one full year and my company does not increase its new patients by 25%, The Scheduling Institute will refund the fees that I paid in connection with the Gold Plus Membership Program (except for travel fees and office visit fees), provided that my company abides by the following requirements:

1. My company must complete all Telephone On-Site Training and the New Patient Experience Day.

2. My company must complete the entire 12-month program.

3. My team must reach Certification within 90 days of the Telephone On-Site Training and must maintain a 4- or 5-star rating on all calls made to my office.

4. My team must be re-certified every 6 months.

5. My company must submit monthly stats by the 10th of the month for the previous month for the entire 12-month program.

6. Throughout the 12-month Gold Plus Membership, The Scheduling Institute’s team may make recommendations to my company to increase capacity and/or update our office to encourage growth, or make human capital changes. These recommendations must be followed and implemented to be eligible for this guarantee.

7. The Scheduling Institute’s team will make marketing internal and external marketing recommendations during my membership. Specific components of this plan must be implemented to be eligible for this guarantee.

8. My team must attend Gold Plus Marketing workshop and implement the suggestions provided.

Any payment plans require an initial payment at the time of submitting this application with additional monthly payments due according to the payment schedule selected on the order form. I authorize each monthly payment to be auto-charged using the payment method selected on the order form. I further acknowledge that this is a 12-month program and that I will remain responsible for payment of the entire cost of the program, regardless of program completion or my activity level and attendance at events. I acknowledge that The Scheduling Institute is agreeing to commit substantial resources and provide valuable materials to my company, the value of which is difficult to ascertain at the time of my enrollment. I therefore acknowledge that The Scheduling Institute’s collection and retention of the entire membership fee in the event of my company’s cancellation is not a penalty, but rather a reasonable measure of damages likely to be caused by my cancellation.

I understand that, unless I inform The Scheduling Institute otherwise, my Gold Plus Membership will auto-renew into the next applicable Gold Plus program or the Gold Plus program of my choice using the payment term and method selected on the order form.

I understand that any reproduction, distribution, transmission, or commercial use of Scheduling Institute materials is strictly prohibited.

Any disputes involving my company’s enrollment or participation in the program shall be governed by the substantive law of Georgia. The exclusive forum for any lawsuit relating to such a dispute shall be the state or federal courts of Georgia. My company and I submit to personal jurisdiction in Georgia in connection with any such lawsuit.