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Every dentist has the desire to help people, but only some dentists never lose their passion for serving others. Practice can be stressful when it becomes more than “just taking care of patients.” Marketing, staff management, business acumen, etc. can really weigh down a dentist’s ability to deeply care for patients. But the day your commitment to your patients becomes your true priority #1… your practice, your family, your income and your happiness will never be the same again. Find out how to make today that day and give your patients the best care available in your town…
You didn’t go to dental school to become an expert in “team building,” “marketing & advertising,” “sales & closing,” etc. You went to dental school to be a dentist. You’re not alone. However, there is a way to get back to “being a great dentist” and simultaneously making your dreams come true. Find out how you can put your frustration in the rear view mirror and move forward into the life you dreamed of back in dental school…
Congratulations you’re in some rarified air. Especially in this current economy we’re in. Question is what’s next? What’s missing? What would be more awesome than what you’re doing right now? “The Next Level” is not about what you’ve done, the next level is about what’s about to happen… how much more you can give back to your family, your team, your patients, your community and yourself. Find out how to take your practice from “the best in town” to “beyond your wildest dreams” and take your practice to a level of success you never even dreamed possible…
Sadly your situation is becoming the norm throughout dentistry. Practices are downsizing. Doctors are working deep into what they expected would be their retirement. It’s a sad state of affairs… But the truth is your practice story isn’t over yet. You will look back over your life and see this time as “a speed bump” or “a turning point.” Find out how to turn your practice around and make the next 12 months the best 12 months you, your patients, your family and your staff has had in years…
Seems like nearly every dentist right now needs new patients. And every dental consultant, expert, guru & advisor wants to make getting new patients “the new quantum physics” or “nuclear rocket science.” Good news… getting new patients is easy if you know where to look and what to do! Find out how you can get the simple step-by-step blueprint for attracting all the new patients you want & need…
The Scheduling Institute is by far the largest,
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20,000Actual square footage of our world-class dental training facility
358Average number of practices we’re in and training every month
24,369Doctors & families we’ve impacted over the
last 16 years
17,070Total (doctors & staff) attended our events
last year
170On-call full-time
elite level client
support staff
820Average number of dental staff members we train every month

Success story of the month

Dr. Rick Harvey, Littleton, CO

After their first On-Site Training with the Scheduling Institute, Dr. Harvey’s team saw a 25% increase in their New Patients. Dr. Harvey has continued to invest in various trainings with the Scheduling Institute. Each investment he has made to train his team has produced tremendous results… and today Dr. Harvey is proud to say that he employs a group of “exceptional people that truly make a difference in the lives of people around them!”

It’s helped me to realize my team is capable of far more than I imagined.”