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Gain Direct Insights On How Your Practice Stacks Up

Scheduling Institute: Advocates For Your Independent Practice

Now more than ever, growth oriented independent practices are threatened by big corporations and are being swallowed up by dental service organizations. Private practice owners need an advocate on their side who can fight for their success and protect the livelihood of their business.

Scheduling Institute exists to transform private practices into thriving businesses that generate a lifetime of revenue. We have the proven tools to help your practice operate at its highest potential. We believe in creating an environment with happy employees who have a patient first focus. Our specially designed seminars, classes and on-site training are geared toward empowering your staff with the knowledge and confidence they need to enrich the experience your patients you will receive.
Scheduling Institute will protect the equity you have worked so hard to develop and will fight for your success. With our world headquarters located in Alpharetta, GA and training centers in Atlanta, GA and Phoenix, AZ, the Scheduling Institute staff is ready to serve our members across the country. Start your journey to a thriving and profitable business today!


Lead a thriving and profitable practice


Empower your team with knowledge & confidence

We Are Advocates For Your Independent Practice

You’ve invested in your private practice. Now invest in yourself. Scheduling Institute adopts a holistic approach to training practitioners to run better clinics and practices. The “whole you” is as important as dollars and cents. It’s also as essential as your medical techniques, equipment, and facility. We offer a way to sharpen what you do well and round out what you don’t. Our coaching services include:

  • Helping doctors form a vision
  • Empowering your team to achieve results
  • Instilling solid leadership skills
  • Teaching smarter working habits
  • Financial growth training
  • Work-life balance principles

We Empower and Engage the Whole Team

We don’t just help private practice owners become their best selves. Our firm focuses on improving the morale and functioning of your team by nourishing passion and better work habits. Everyone at your practice – from nurse practitioners to accounts receivables – benefits from our hands-on and engaging coaching sessions, which include a focus on:

  • Becoming a better producer
  • Taking authority
  • Developing strong leadership skills
  • Boosting productivity
  • Developing an ownership mindset
  • Enhancing motivation and engagement

Get Started with Your Free Consultation

Contact Scheduling Institute Today to Get Started

Scheduling Institute has a long list of successful clients. Each benefited from our training techniques, enabling them to forge a new path and provide better care to their patients. We believe focusing on the entire self is the best way to do so, and we’re dedicated to continuing our philosophy going forward. If you’re uncertain, watch some of the testimonials on our site. After you watch them, contact us today for a free consult.

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