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An army of one is good, but an army of 170 is better


This is our Scheduling Institute Army of full-time support people. Their exclusive purpose is to support you, our clients and their staff members in every way. From preparing and delivering your “Practice Transformation Package”… to training your team in your office… to making sure all your needs are met whether over the phone, online or in person at one of our many workshops or events. If you need anything from us you can be certain our S.I. Army 170 strong & growing, will be there to support you.

57 people committed to teaching practices how to be the best they can be


Imagine what it would be like if Michael Jordan himself showed up on your driveway at your house and taught you how to play basketball. Being in over 358 practices every month, our 57 On-Site Training Specialists are the most advanced & experienced dental staff trainers on the planet. Showing up at your office and teaching your team how to “play” the practice game is exactly what they do.

It’s one thing to be given information… it’s something completely different when a Scheduling Institute Certified Coach shows you the way


Have you ever mastered anything without a good teacher/coach? Probably not. And that’s why out of all the coaches we could hire and train to handle coaching our dentists, we’ve chosen only the elite few who are great enough to serve you & help you run a successful dental practice. From goal setting and financial strategies, to team building and planning for your future… our coaches are there to guide you through your growth both personally & professionally.

Our trainers go the extra mile to deliver outstanding results to you and your team


Here is a map of the locations of practices our 57 On-Site Training Specialists traveled to last month. Our trainers travel to an average of 358 practices every month. We come to you and do the heavy-lifting of training your team and beginning your practice transformation for you so you can spend more time doing what you like to do.

Our Story

The most important thing you need to know about us is that we practice what we preach. Exactly what Jay Geier intended over 20 years ago when he founded The Scheduling Institute and what he’s inspired us to continue doing 20 years later…

Not only are we teaching dentists and their staff the fundamental qualities necessary to grow and care for people, but we do it every day! The exact same principles, teachings and engagement we teach our dentists we use as we serve our 24,369 past & current clients, conduct nearly 358 on-site trainings per month, manage a 20,000 square foot dental training facility, inspire and collaborate with 170 full time employees. Can you imagine handling 170 employees??? If we can handle all this using the exact principles, procedures, processes and systems we teach… then those same principles, procedures, processes and systems can work for you too.

1985 Jay Boardgame 1985

Jay becoming one of the most innovative and inspiring marketers in dentistry is not accident. He’s been innovating in the marketing world since he invented a board game at age of 18 & sold over $1 million dollars in games through direct mail alone.

1995 - Sparlin 1995

In a world where every dentist seems to be suffering from a “new patient shortage” Jay proves the fact that there’s a “special secret” to unlimited new patients… Know anyone who’s ever generated 601 new patients in one week? Jay has.

1997 - Kit SI Born 1997

After discovering the repeatable and incredibly simple secret behind “unlimited new patients,” Jay realized he could help so many people with that secret and the Scheduling Institute was born.

2000 - Office Old Alabama Commons 2000

Jay’s innovative new patient and staff training systems drew so much attention from dentists all over the globe, that an almost immediate investment in expansion of S.I. headquarters and equipment acquisition became mandatory.

2006 - 1st On Site Triaing 2006

Another first and huge innovation was instead of training staff only in the form of teleseminars or leaving it to clients to handle, Jay designs the first On-Site Training.

2007 - Renegade Millionaire Bootcamp 2007

By now Jay realized the marketplace is changing so fast for dentists that gathering high level dentists together and sharing with them the newest and most advanced practice tools available was imperative for keeping his clients ahead of the curve. Hence our first live event – “Renegade Millionaire Bootcamp.”

2007 - 1st Coaching Group 2007

For those dentists who embraced Jay’s teaching they soon found themselves growing so fast they asked for direct access to a mentor in order to keep pace with their growth and the first Coaching program was launched. Every high level performer in every field has a coach… Jay realized this is just as true in dentistry.

2008 - Fulfillment 2008

If there’s a common theme in S.I.’s history it’s innovation. Creating the first in-house Fulfillment/Printing/Direct Mail Department added a level speed of delivery, accuracy & service to our clients still unequaled in dentistry.

2009 - SI Staff 2009

Continued growth and innovation bringing some of the most talented marketing, design, technology & client services support people to Atlanta to call the S.I. headquarters their home.

2009 - Training Center 2009

More proof of S.I.’s overwhelming commitment to our client doctors & their staff… we built our 1st Training Facility to give them an exclusive, ultra-convenient location for experiencing their advanced workshops & coaching sessions.

2010 - Scwartz Smart Car 2010

It’s not all work and no play, we like fun and games too. We gave away our first car… a “Smart Car” to Dr. Schwartz for winning a contest at our “Wealth Attraction Event.”

2010 - The U 2010

The Navy Seals have their “Spec Ops Training”… our clients have “The U.” Elite staff training at our S.I. Training Center, giving the most ambitious dentist a place to send staff for “turn-key” training & “higher-level” community.

2010 - 1st Townie Choice Award 2010

Honored with our first Townie Choice Award as “Top Consultant & Advisor” in dentistry.

2011 Member Website Launch 2011

Members only website launches giving dentists new technologies to control personal accountability & tracking practice growth.

2011 - 1st 5X Group 2011

5X Program developed based upon almost 20 years of research… Advanced coaching growing practice 5x’s their current size.

2011 SI Headquarters 2011

The most advanced facility of its kind in all of dentistry… S.I. World Headquarters opens as a demonstration of our commitment to our clients and the entire dental industry.

2011 - Townie Choice Award 2011

Honored yet again… Townie Choice Award #2. Still the “Best Consultant & Advisor” in dentistry.

2012 - Dr. Metz Lambo Winner 2012

Even more fun and games… gave away our 2nd car to one of our top performing clients. Dr. Metz wins the Lamborghini at our exclusive “Best Marketing Seminar Ever.”

2012 - Headquarter Expansion 2012

Innovation & growth never ends. That’s why we built our 4,000 square foot client support call center. No expense is too big when it comes to supporting our clients.

2012 - 3rd Townie Choice Award 2012

The three-peat… Winning our 3rd Townie Choice Award.

2013 - Missions Division 2013

Life is so much more than “business as usual,” so we created our “Missions Division.” Here we connect with dentists and contribute to both local & worldwide charities like the habitat house we built in 2013 and our Costa Rica dental mission launching in 2014.

2013 - Phoenix Training Center 2013

As much as we love Atlanta, it’s not ultra-convenient for our West Coast doctors so we did what any great organization would do… we purchased a “West Coast” Headquarters & Training Center in Phoenix, AZ (coming to you in 2015).

2013 - 4th Townie Choice Award 2013

Townie Choice Award #4… Holding strong as “Best Consultant & Advisor” in dentistry.

Our Facilities

When you visit any of our facilities, our goal is to provide you & your team with exceptional service & a great experience.
Scheduling Institute’s World Headquarters provides support, growth & innovation to dental practice’s across North America and abroad.
Our World-Class Dental Training Facility in Atlanta hosts over 25 different staff & doctor workshops for an average of 1,700 visitors a month.
In 2015, our new Phoenix Headquarters & Training Facility is opening to provide more convenient service to the West Coast.
The location of our Training Centers are ultra-convenient so you can spend less time traveling & more time learning & networking.

Our Accomplishments

We’ve been widely recognized for outstanding performance and expertise. Dentaltown magazine declared us “Top Consultant and Advisor” when they awarded us their “Townie” award 7 years in a row. The Georgia Business Chronicle honored our recent achievements as one of the fastest growing companies in Georgia. And The Atlanta Journal-Constitution also honored us as one of the “Best Places To Work” to name a few. More proof that we not only talk the talk, we walk the walk.
Townie Awards
2010-2017 Townie Choice Awards 8-Time Dentaltown and 5-Time Orthotown Winners for
Top Consultant & Advisor
2012-2014 Georgia Fast 40 One of the Top 10
Fastest Growing
Companies in Georgia
Best Places To Work
2013-2014 Atlanta Business Chronicle One of the Top 10
Best Places
to Work in Atlanta

We Give Back!

Helping dentists turn their practices around and reach all their practice goals is just a part of what we’re all about. Life isn’t just about work for work’s sake. It’s about giving sharing and supporting the people and things most valuable to us. It’s a given that a minimum 10% of all Scheduling Institute profits go to charity. But equally important are our efforts to give and share our time with important causes as well.
Habitat House

Scheduling Institute Builds A Home For A Local Family In Need

The Scheduling Institute has been working for about a year to fundraise, promote, and build a home in the Atlanta community for a family in need. As part of our commitment to taking our company, and therefore our impact on our community 10X, we are excited for our biggest service project we’ve done to date! But of course, we hope this is only the first of many to come. It has truly been our pleasure to be able to give back to our community in such a profound and life-changing way.

Costa Rica

Scheduling Institute Supports new Costa Rica Mission Dental Mission Program With Members.

Established in 2013, Costa Rica Mission Partners (CRMP) is a 501c3, non-profit organization whose roots stretch back to 2005 when founder, Ed Pease, went on his first mission trip. In an effort to “get on the scoreboard” because his wife and co-founder, Patti, had been on numerous mission trips. Fast forward 8 years and 27 mission teams later, CRMP continues to lead teams of men, families and now dentists to San Jose, Costa Rica to serve with our mission partners. For more information, visit costaricamissionpartners.org

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We would love to hear from you to answer any questions you might have and to help you get started on your journey to improving your practice and your impact.
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We will get to work utilizing our proprietary & customized analysis of your practice to determine how your practice measures up against the top practices in North America. This analysis will give you immediate actionable steps to take your practice to the next level!