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20 Strategies To Keep Your Practice Ahead Of The Coronavirus

Coronavirus Strategies

As everyone now knows, the coronavirus is rapidly spreading across the globe with tens of thousands of confirmed cases and multiple outbreaks in the United States. Related to the common flu, COVID-19 causes similar symptoms such as fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. It is an airborne illness that has no known animal vector, meaning…

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Essential Private Practice Tech Trends in 2020

Private Practice Mobile Website

As 2020 is well underway, let’s take a look at how private practices continue to evolve at an ever-increasing speed. Staying abreast of the latest technologies in this hyper-competitive space means that successful private medical practices need to make sure that they meet patient expectations. If you’re looking to increase patient flow and stay on…

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Successful Private Practice Management in 2020

dental practice management

In the year 2020, successful private practice management has become extremely complex. Between fending off corporate takeovers and threats from large group practices, doctors also have to navigate the tricky waters of digital media, marketing, and outreach. And if that weren’t enough, there are a whole slew of new operational challenges, including office software and…

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The Big 3

The 3 Pillars of Every Successful Private Practice After spending so much time and effort in getting your degree, it’s only reasonable that you should expect to be rewarded. Sadly, though, many Doctors find that it’s not enough just to provide top-quality care. Instead, they discover that they need to get up to speed on…

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How Do I Sell My Dental Practice?

Sell My Dental Practice

After working so hard to make it through dental school and then decades of serving the community, it’s not easy for dentists to sell their practice and transition to retirement.  But if you approach it logically by starting your preparations between three and five years ahead of time, the transition can be surprisingly painless.  …

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Doctor, Am I the One Stealing Your Patients?

dental marketing

Some of the best dentists in the industry continually find themselves facing a strange conundrum. Despite putting in extra hours, training staff to be the best they can possibly be, and paying for a professional marketing campaign, they just can’t seem to attract (enough) new patients – and hang onto them. Who or what is…

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5 Tips to Improve Efficiency in your Dental Practice in 2020

Dental Practice Management

One topic that is rarely covered in dental school is how to efficiently and effectively manage a practice. Proper dental practice management is crucial considering many dentists end up spending the majority of their time on everything BUT practicing dentistry.  Practice owners routinely find themselves holding the bag when it comes to hiring, firing, training,…

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Want to Increase Your Profits in 2020?

The Secrets that are Guaranteed to Help You Start 2020 Strong and Make More Money Than You’ve Ever Made Before! Hosted by Jay Geier – #1 Advisor to Private Practice Owner Doctors across the country. Tuesday, December 17 at 8 pm EST (7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST) » CLICK HERE TO REGISTER « Only…

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Tax Planning for Dentists: What you need to know before 2020

Tax Planning for Dentists

As we’re all gearing up for the holidays, now is also a really good time to take a long, hard look at your books to make sure that you’re in good shape when it comes to minimizing your tax burden for 2019.  As always when it comes to important financial matters, be sure to consult…

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You CAN Have It All: Be a Great Doctor and a Successful Business Owner

dental practice management seminars

Growing your practice is a balancing act and 2020 is coming at us fast. The Scheduling Institute is here and gifting you with a Tool Kit to help you balance being a great doctor and becoming a more effective and successful business owner. Unlock your free tool kit today Since 1997, Jay Geier has been helping…

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