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Have you ever Yelped, Yelp?

Yelp Business Practices

If you’re a typical American consumer, then you probably think of Yelp as a place to go to for honest reviews about local restaurants and other businesses. However, thousands of Yelp complaints tell a different story. Yelp was a “start-up” before the term gained widespread recognition and currently dominates the online review space in most…

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Jay Geier and Scheduling Institute: Meet the Man behind Millionaire Dentists

First published in 1910, Dental Economics is the world’s leading digital and print practice management journal for the dental profession. Reaching upwards of more than 270,000 readers monthly, Dental Economics is one of the industry’s most-read and trusted dental publications. Dentists in every stage of their careers will find something of interest and value in…

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Dental Training for Elite Dentists: Sign Up Today!

Free Training Webinar with Jay Geier! Tuesday, October 1 8pm EDT, 7pm CDT, 6pm MDT, 5pm PDT Claim your spot today! LEARN FROM THE LEADER IN PRACTICE GROWTH, FOUNDER AND CEO OF SCHEDULING INSTITUTE, JAY GEIER AS HE SHARES WHAT HE’S LEARNED FROM HIS TOP CLIENTS. Sign Up Here! Some dentists are content to be…

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Surviving Slow Months in Dentistry: 9 Actionable Dental Growth Solutions

dental growth solutions

All businesses experience a natural ebb and flow and dental practices are no exception.  While your established patients may have an examination scheduled every six months, you are less likely to attract new patients during the late fall and early winter.  The change in the weather combined with the stress of the upcoming holidays simply…

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Top Tips For Culture Fest 2019

Culture Fest 2019 is ONLY 22 days away! The Scheduling Institute offices are buzzing with excitement as we prepare for one of the most exciting and transformative events you will ever experience. Make sure to check out all the details of the event here. Now that your tickets are in hand, here is a handy…

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Are You Ready for Culture Fest 2019?

Intentionally investing in an engaged and growth-oriented culture has a huge payback. Building Your Best Team Possible Starts and Ends with ONE Thing…CULTURE. Creating an intentional, amazing culture is your competitive advantage. RIGHT NOW is your time to prepare for the impending crisis that is dawning on business owners nationwide. This impending crisis is the fight…

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The Wealth Summit

wealth summit 2019

In 2018, Jay hosted two Wealth Summits, with 228 Doctors and spouses attending. NOW, they have solid financial plans that are FUELING their Net Worth for the next 10 years and you can too! The 2019 Wealth Summit is only being offered in November! Whether you’re just starting to get your finances in order —…

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A Message from the CEO

Well, 2019 is here and well under way. Take a deep breath! Every new year it feels like we all shake our heads and think, “Wow! I can’t believe it’s actually (insert year).” And yet, boom! It really is, and here we are! Another new year full of opportunities to make change, to build on…

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