Executing Your Private Practice Vision

Feb 10, 2021Practice Growth, Practice Management

Who Are The Right People To Execute My Private Practice Vision?


If you want your practice to be as SUCCESSFUL and as PROFITABLE as it can possibly be, you simply MUST have a long-term private practice vision. Creating and articulating that Vision is a huge first step. (We discussed this in a previous blog post you can read here.)


Now you have to do what it takes to actually ACHIEVE that vision. First and foremost, don’t try to do it alone!


The following are the five types of people you must have in your organization if you want to grow and continue being successful, and the roles they play in an effective organization.


The Visionary


As the owner of your Practice, you and only you can be the Visionary in your organization. If vision-setting is not a personal strength, you may want to use an outside facilitator to stimulate your thinking and help you create a bigger, more forward-thinking view. But it ultimately has to be what YOU conceive and believe to be the future of your Practice. (Scheduling Institute can help you with this. Learn how here. )




Author Warren Bennis says, “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” As well as being the Visionary, YOU are the Primary Leader of your organization. In addition, you must have other Team Leaders whose job it is to translate your vision into reality – to execute your private practice vision. For instance, as the Primary Leader, if you decide training should be the top priority this year, your Team Leaders need to buy into that, and then figure out how to best get it done.


Your Team Leaders must be people you totally trust. To build Team Leaders in your organization, you must give them the opportunity and the authority; put them in charge, and let them really lead, including letting them learn from their mistakes. (And yes, Scheduling Institute can help with this too! Our Doctor and Team Training Programs are designed to empower you and your team to transform your business.)


private practice vision

Every year, our founder and CEO Jay Geier holds a kickoff retreat for us to finalize our team’s goals and plans to achieve them. The retreat is a key step to ensuring Jay’s vision for the year is achieved – and it is only possible because he and the Leadership Team have met and agreed on who should be working on which projects first!



The Builder


A Builder is a person who can create processes and plans, and run projects. You tell them WHAT needs to be done, and they figure out the HOW. They facilitate the process of getting it done by overseeing others (in most cases) who actually do the work. To aggressively grow your business, you should have numerous projects underway at all times, so you may need more than one Builder. If you’re entirely too busy yourself, it’s a sure sign you need a Builder or two to take things off your plate!


Just as with your Leaders, you have to give your Builders the opportunity and the authority, and allow them to learn from their mistakes. The lesson YOU will learn is who is not a good Builder: they don’t get the job done (and haven’t learned how to do better), or need constant direction and prodding. You need the right person with initiative and resourcefulness.


The Manager


Virtually everything that goes on in the office should be part of a well-defined process that you repeat over and over. A “Manager”-type person understands that and is good at MANAGING PROCESSES by ensuring they are executed consistently day-in and day-out. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are “managers,” it just means they have the capability to take a process that has been created for them (e.g., by a Builder) and do a great job of keeping that process going – effectively, efficiently, and at a consistently high level.


The Doer


Doers are your front-line people who actually “do the work,” e.g., answer the phones, do the paperwork, manage the timing of patients in the office, ensure the equipment is ready, etc. They are hands-on, detail-oriented, and have high standards about their work. In essence, they “do” their piece of the process perfectly every time. You must have top-notch Doers to get top-notch work done!


You are undoubtedly already thinking about whom in your organization should go where. To decide that, you first need to identify everyone’s strengths and weaknesses.


Some Cautions:

  • Just because someone has been there the longest doesn’t mean he can be an effective LEADER.
  • Just because you like her doesn’t mean she can BUILD an effective process or project plan.
  • Just because he’s a strong performer in his current role doesn’t mean he wouldn’t get bored MANAGING PROCESSES that have to be the same day-in, day-out.
  • Likewise, just because she’s a great DOER now doesn’t necessarily mean she can effectively handle additional responsibilities.


Having the right people in the right roles will make or break your ability to achieve your private practice vision as an organization, so choose wisely!


You Need a Dream Team to Build a Dream Practice!


How can your team execute your private practice vision if they don’t understand it? If they aren’t engaged, excited, and motivated to help you grow —  you will never achieve your goals for your practice. We’ve spent years developing the strategies to FIX THIS PROBLEM for good… And we are ready to share them with you!


The first step is to take the 5-Star Challenge to see how your team handles a new patient call to your practice. After all, how can your team achieve your vision for the practice if they bungle the very first interactions with prospective patients? From there, our practice growth specialists can put you on the road to empowering your team and yourself to transform your practice and achieve your vision. Take the 5-Star Challenge and get moving!



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