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What we do to help doctors and their teams can be difficult to put into words. Our members say it best. They can actually explain it better than we can. Watch these videos that our members gave to us as a way to share their incredible transformation stories.

Our members are doctors like you with very full schedules. They’ve allowed us to share their stories, but please respect their valuable time and don’t contact them. You’re sure to meet them and exchange ideas with them when you join us!

Doctor Stories
Team Stories
Associate Stories
Dr. Jack Von Bulow | Member Since 2009

“Jay directs super human energy into revealing the blindspots that are barriers to wealth, health, and happiness.”

Dr. David Ahearn | Member Since 2006

“I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I enjoyed our day with your trainer. SHE WAS FANTASTIC! She set up her presentation in such a way as to make no mistake about the fact that what we do and what we should do are two very different things. My team actually came back most energized with a dozen ideas regarding how they can streamline process for our business. Please thank her profusely for me.”

Dr. Leatha Wood | Member Since 2008

“If you don’t work with Jay Geier I would strongly urge you to contact him. He would be a valuable resource to help you grow your practice and help you with structuring for the future!! You won’t be sorry that you explored a relationship with Jay and his team! I know my investment with him has been well worth it!”

Dr. Mark Braydich | Member Since 2008

“What a transformation! Since our relationship with Jay in 2009 our NP numbers have gone from 25 to 100. We expanded from 5 to 10 chairs, added employees and our team is fired up. Jay has provided the vision, resources and motivation to reach these levels. Jay, you truly are one of a kind.”

Dr. Kevin Brewer | Member Since 2005

“Jay, I love how your “positive” spin on the economy and “making money” is so enlightening when the media and others are so negative. I am leaving here today realizing that our economic bubble is good, I mean great. I wish younger dentists could and would hear you speak about money, debt, and investing. I preach what you say to our younger doctors and hopefully they will apply your financial philosophies.”

Dr. Bruce Burley | Member Since 2008

“Hey, Jay, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you and The Scheduling Institute again. My average was 12 new patients just 2 years ago. March of this year brought us 72 new patients, and April 78 new patients. I also wanted to thank you for the encouragement regarding our choice for the sign in front of our new office. We are amazed at the number of patients that the sign and location alone have drawn. We just keep working the plan toward freedom.”

Dr. John Fornetti | Member Since 2005

“What Jay has asked us to do has worked tremendously. I first started thinking about what Jay professed and I thought, you know what our ladies in the front office are really, really good and this probably doesn’t pertain to us. But for some reason, I thought maybe we should check that out and our front office ladies are very, very good. They did everything they knew how to do, they did it as well as they could. The problem was is that we didn’t have a system and what Jay offers is a system that allows things to be done better than they could without any system. Our new patient numbers came real close to doubling within three months of using Jay’s suggestions. And it’s phenomenal. We do it to the T. We didn’t ask questions, we didn’t. We just decided we were going to do whatever he says. It works. Don’t hesitate. Spend the money. Your return on investment will be easily tenfold. Do it. Do yourself a favor and do it.”

Dr. Jeremy Gordon | Member Since 2005

“I’m a chiropractor in Deland, Florida. I’ve been part of the Scheduling Institute now for about two years. I began with them upon realizing that I was going to be opening my own practice and I wanted to get the practice off on the right foot. Previous to that, I was average around 15 to 18 new patients a month which at the time I thought was okay. I wanted to do better when I was opening my own practice and I also wanted to have my staff trained correctly and avoid anything that might inhibit me from growing when I began. I started using them actually about three months before opening to get my staff trained. My first month that I was in practice, I had 42 new patients so I was very happy with the initial new patients coming to my office. It pretty much took the training portion of training my staff out of my hands and was put into SI’s hands.”

Dr. Rick Harvey | Member Since 2004

“Thank you for the insight and instruction you’ve provided. Jay, you have assembled a team of outstanding teachers that have welcomed my team’s questions. We have taken advantage of your in-office trainings and classes in Atlanta and have been very impressed by the things we’ve been taught. Thank you for offering so many options to help us learn and grow! I’m a relatively new business owner. You should know that I originally wanted to wait a few more years before getting engaged in a coaching relationship but after implementing the things you’ve taught and seeing the great results, I decided that the opportunity cost of ‘going it on my own’ would be too high.”

Dr. David Mitchell | Member Since 2006

“Jay, Thank you so much for all your advice over the years. You have had such a tremendous influence on our lives not just financially but philosophically. It’s been fun (and continues to be) to travel this path in our lives with wonderful people like you. Thank you again!””

Dr. Richard Mantoan | Member Since 2008

“Hello Jay and all of the Scheduling Institute staff, Thank you for a great Conversion and Compliance 2.0 meeting. You put on an awesome event. The speakers were excellent and kudos for having Dr. Cialdini on board. He gave a great presentation. Friday night’s Barbecue was a lot of fun and gave me an opportunity to get to know some very nice people. My staff really enjoyed themselves and appreciated getting the full SI experience. Also, thank you for the tireless energy and passion you bring to your events. You get to the core of an issue and provide no nonsense solutions, which helps decision making.”

Dr. Erick Nolting | Member Since 2013

“I am excited to report that we have been using the info that we learned in the couple’s financial seminar you did and we were able to cross off 4 of our debts!!! YAY! Onward and Upward!!!”

Dr. Lance Panarello | Member Since 2005

“We have been in the platinum group and many of our team in the University as well. We have tripled our production and added associates over the years plus increased our salaries. We also completed a large addition. Most of this is due to the growth and guidance of the Scheduling Institute. My business partner and I have received help on personal fronts as well as all aspects of our practice. So whatever your specific needs are they can help you. They would receive a high personal recommendation from our practice. The biggest reason for our success and growth is that we listen to and implement what they teach. Join and reap the benefits and help solve your problems and reach your dreams and goals.”